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Lead inspector


Devin Childers- ACI, CPI, Founder

Devin Childers is a veteran inspector and is the company's lead inspector. Devin has performed 1000+ inspections and shows pride and professionalism.

Devin has an excellent personality and can talk to anyone as if he has known them for a decade. He is very personable with each and every client. Devin has been invited to many house-warming parties after closings and maintains friendships with many of his past clients, This is EXACTLY the kind of customer service our company strives to provide. 


Devin is an avid traveler. When he isn't attending CE classes, he is planning his next trip! He calls Colorado and California his second homes due to his frequent visits for snowboarding and surfing passions.

Devin is a pet LOVER. If you bring up pets during your conversations with Devin, he will likely show you numerous pictures of his Bloodhound and German Shepherd that he considers his kids.


This profession allows me to get face-to-face with many different people every day allowing me to develop great relationships and friendships with people I would never have come to meet without this profession. I get to apply my knowledge of building construction every day while having the opportunity to educate buyers about how a home functions. I also get to meet client's pets everyday!

About Us



 Being a firefighter that understands that proper building construction to a home is vital, I have seen firsthand the people of my community lose everything they've owned and worked their entire life to obtain to a fire. Most of these cases could have been prevented if proper construction and education was in place. This is where a qualified and educated Home Inspector from HERO comes into place. We will address any type of construction that isn't correct or could lead to future issues. We have superior training and education in the field as this is required to keep us safe in case of a catastrophe such as a fire. 


ASHI and InterNACHI Certified

 Purchasing a home? Protect your biggest investment by having an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) and Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) inspect your soon-to-be home. We have countless amount of hours invested in training and education to better protect you and your family from buying into the unknown. We are trained to see far past what the normal eye sees in a structure.



We have obtained the rank as number 1 home inspection group by HomeAdvisor out of Bartow county. We obtained this with our professionalism, education, customer service, turnaround time on reports, and communication. Our 5-star rating and reviews continue to increase daily as our client base grows. We stick by our client's side throughout their home purchase journey to provide guidance and information. We back all our inspections with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee because we are that confident that you will be completely satisfied.



What better way to feel protected in the buying process than your inspector backing their work with a buy back guarantee? That's right! If our inspectors miss anything crucial during the home inspection, InterNACHI will buy back your home at full price without hesitation. This is one of the many benefits of using our firm as your go-to inspection company.